The history of Idaho paints incredible stories of Native Americans, earlier immigrants into Idaho – such as the Basque, Chinese, Mexicans, Europeans, and others – and refugees as new Idahoans have evolved from suffering to having hope for a quality life, and faith in the support from their Idaho communities. With 113 different peoples and countries of origin represented, Idaho captures the hearts of distinct peoples from around the world.

Idaho has welcomed refugees since the enactment of the 1975 Indochinese Refugee Assistance Program in response to the need for all states to participate in the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees after the end of the conflict in Vietnam. The experiences of today’s refugee cohorts from all over the world are not very different from their predecessors. Collectively, the transition from their traumatic past into a new way of living – a new life in Idaho free from persecution – instills hope towards the future.

Preserving the history of people affected by diaspora in the IMID is a critical step to further promoting the rich history of Idaho giving back to its people of all cultures and all races. The IMID will serve as a platform for education at all levels, healthy discourses on related topics, and community events aimed to increase cultural diversity awareness and foster a culture of inclusiveness here in Idaho.



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