Meet Our Team

Our team...

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Palina Louangketh, MHS RHIT

Founder and Executive Director


Rachel Emenaker

Senior Curator and Director, Global Alliances

A crucial member of our team who specializes in small groups. With their impressive knowledge of all the inner-workings of our Museum, Aiden Johnson is the perfect companion for your visit at Idaho Museum of 
International Diaspora.

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Olivia Wargo

Public Relations and Communications Manager

Olivia led the effort to fully design and launch both the IMID website ( and social media platforms (@idahomid). She specializes in social media marketing and museum outreach in which she manages the IMID social media. During her internship, she independently looked for innovative ways to promote the IMID through digital and photographic marketing. Her photography skills captured fun and colorful still images of a community excited about culture. Olivia helped to promote the IMID's first community outreach activity on-site at the 2019 World Refugee Day in downtown Boise. Born and raised in Idaho, Olivia is excited to be involved in developing the digital aspect of the IMID development and taking part in creating an international legacy for the state she has always called home.

Sata Vanasouk

Social Media Intern

Boise State University

Drew Carlyle has been part of the family for many years and is responsible for researching and procuring new exhibitions for our collection. Drew Carlyle is a valuable member of the Idaho Museum of 
International Diaspora team.

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