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The Idaho Museum of International Diaspora (IMID - pronounced 'eye mid') is an innovative multipurpose approach to a traditional museum model that highlights the lived experience of diaspora groups from within Idaho and around the world through art, food, culture,

music, film, literature, the environment, and additional creative platforms to invite and share the human journey stories.

The IMID defines diaspora as the involuntary displacement of peoples – children,

families, individuals of all ages – from their origin homelands. 

Not only will the IMID focus on past and current lives of diasporas in Idaho, it will also capture the lives and experiences of diasporas around the world and how their human journeys have enriched host countries and cultural traditions that societies around the globe celebrate.

To access a printable pdf document about the IMID, click here.

The birth of the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora

Video interview: How the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora Got Started (Idaho Statesman)

Learn more about the journey and vision that gave birth to the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora through a special video interview with Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Palina Louangketh, by Sarah A. Miller, Visual Journalist with Idaho Statesman (Feb. 2022). 

#LearnDiscoverExplore more here

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Highlights of 2021 

Happy New Year as we say goodbye to 2021 and welcome in 2022. Enjoy this video capturing highlights of our milestones in 2021. Thank you to our team, partners, and supporters around the world!

Our Mission

Influence positive community

Our Vision

Inspire an international
movement of diaspora museums.

Contact Us

The museum will be located in Boise, Idaho. Let's build Idaho's legacy together!

Contact us today to find out more about how you can support the IMID or join our amazing team of volunteers and partners. The IMID interim administrative office is located at the Idaho Asian Plaza at the corner of Ustick and Cole Roads: 3085 N. Cole Rd., Suite 203, Boise, ID 83704. To reach us by mail, please send to the address below:

Idaho Museum of International Diaspora

P. O. Box 45234

Boise, ID 83711

Our team members work remotely resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Please schedule a time to visit with us virtually or simply inquire through email. We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to respond within 48 hours or less. 

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