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International Voices of Diaspora

The International Voices of Diaspora program currently serves as the IMID’s largest program that supports the museum sector of the IMID. This program will capture stories of diasporas – those who have been displaced from their origin homelands – in past, current, and future contexts. Within this overarching program, its signature initiative – the Cultural Mapping Initiative (CMI) – has two products, Arrivals: What Was Left Behind and Arrivals: What Lies Ahead.

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Cultural Mapping Initiative

The Cultural Mapping Initiative (CMI) is an initiative of the International Voices of Diaspora program aimed at telling the human journey story from the raw realities of people’s journeys. The CMI offers Arrivals: What's Left Behind, What Lies Ahead


Global Diaspora Curriculum

The Global Diaspora Curriculum features a group of uniquely designed higher education courses focused on topics related to the human journey in past, current, and future contexts. In collaboration with universities and partners – domestic and international, the IMID will deliver a uniquely distinctive academic and cultural experience by engaging students in discourse and projects on emerging topics of today’s global priorities surrounding the human journey.

Cross-Cultural Voices of Diaspora

The Cross-Cultural Voices of Diaspora is a course of study designed for teaching at a university or college with the goal of bringing voices from the local community to speak on topics aligned with the objectives of the course. This course does not have a study abroad track; however, by bringing in key speakers on topics related to diaspora, culture, diversity, and how society has changed perspectives on past, current and future cultural norms, the students will engage in experiential learning.

Cross-Border Voices of Diaspora

The Cross-Border Voices of Diaspora is a course designed for a study abroad opportunity in partnership with universities and colleges domestically and internationally. This exciting opportunity will directly immerse students in cultural learning as experienced by the locals in the study abroad destination. In collaboration with Boise State University Honors College, this course will take its first cohort of students on a study abroad journey to Armenia in spring 2020. Additional study abroad tracks are planned for summer 2021 to parts of Israel and in summer 2022 to Hiroshima.


Culinary Circle of Cultures

The Culinary Circle of Cultures is a program that will help further shape and influence the strategic goals of the IMID’s utility of its International Food District including additional programs and offerings of the high-end restaurant corridor. The Culinary Circle of Cultures will also be responsible for food vendor selection and their offerings in the Court de Foodies – an informal food court featuring the concept of an around-the-world theme eateries.


Flavors is an initiative of the IMID’s Culinary Circle of Cultures program where casual conversations around symbolic food ingredients of particular cultures and special topics on the ‘human journey’ are discussed through the dining experience at destination ethnic restaurants around the Treasure Valley.

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Kitchen of Exotic Eats

The Kitchen of Exotic Eats program will offer community and private cooking classes in a cultural culinary environment for eager aspiring chefs to learn how to cook exotic cultural dishes the way they were prepared in the origin country using original kitchenware. As many of the cookware and ingredients may not be easily accessible in Idaho, participants will also learn tips for substituting ingredients and how to cook the original recipes using modern kitchenware. The cooking class will incorporate stories about the significance of certain dishes, cooking techniques, and symbolic meaning of various cookware as they relate to diaspora topics surrounding the human journey.

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Next Generation Lens

The Next Generation Lens program will offer film students the opportunities to showcase their work in documenting stories of the human journey based on the student’s perspectives and narration. Their film documentaries will be featured in the IMID’s theater and open to the public.

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