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"History cannot be changed, but its purpose is to help us learn and grow if we open our hearts to share the world as a beautiful gift to all people.”

-Louangketh, 2018


The Idaho Museum of International Diaspora (IMID) was founded by Palina Louangketh [‘loo-on-gate’], a former refugee from Laos into Boise, Idaho in 1981. Idaho is her home.

As a Lao-American, finding a special way to give back to the community that welcomed and embraced her family has been a childhood dream. Her journey to explore innovative collaboration in meaningful ways to honor and celebrate diversity later evolved into her vision of a museum founded on the principles of a welcoming community. In June 2018, she jotted down her vision that evolved into the framework for a museum concept founded on diaspora in which she called the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora. Its acronym spells IMID and is commonly pronounced 'eye-mid' or 'IM ID' as in 'I'm Idaho'. As the founder and executive director of the IMID, Palina turned her vision into reality on February 10, 2019 when the IMID became a non-profit corporation.

Additionally, Palina serves as the advisor for the Idaho Lao Community. She completed her Bachelor of Science and Master of Health Science at Boise State University and now teaches in the Honors College, College of Health Sciences, and University Foundations Program. She is in the process of completing the Doctor of Strategic Leadership Program at Regent University, School of Business and Leadership (Virginia Beach, VA) and will graduate in May 2020 with her professional doctorate: Doctor of Strategic Leadership, concentration in Strategic Foresight.

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