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Global Leadership Council

The Idaho Museum of International Diaspora’s (IMID) Global Leadership Council (GLC) serves as a catalyst to expand the reach and impact of the IMID’s mission and vision across the globe, which is to influence positive community transformation by highlighting the lives of diaspora and cultural groups from around the world, and to inspire an international movement of museums and institutions dedicated to diaspora and cultures. The GLC leads the international efforts to build a global network of cross-sector leaders, academics, policymakers, and practitioners to elevate the relevancy of diasporas and cultures in museums, educational and cultural institutions, corporations, and governments.


Sascha Priewe, PhD

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chairman, IMID Global Leadership Council

Idaho Museum of International Diaspora

Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Royal Ontario Museum

Imanol Galdos.jpg

Imanol Galdos Irazabal, PhD

Donostia, Basque Country

San Sebastian, Spain

Director, Public Diplomacy and International Relations

Department of Culture | City Council of Donostia

Sera Koulabdara.jpg

Sera Koulabdara

Washington, DC, USA

Executive Director

Legacies of War


Founder & Executive Director

Idaho Museum of International Diaspora


Director, Operations and HR


Anna Slatinska 2.jpg

Anna Slatinská, PhD

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts

Matej Bel University

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