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Meet Our Interns

Can you imagine a world without interns? We sure can't! The IMID interns are a special breed of talents.

Our interns create, test ideas, implement, and innovate. They come from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of academic interests. They are united in their passion to bring about positive community transformation. Their contributions help to further inspire future interns and advance an international movement of diaspora museums.


Sata Vanasouk

Internship: Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
School: Boise State University (Boise, ID)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Media Arts
Emphasis: Media Production
Graduation: Spring 2020

Sata’s enjoyment in media arts and production was a perfect match for her internship with the IMID over the course of two semesters. As the IMID rapidly developed over a short period of time, Sata applied her skills and passion in media production to enhance the quality of the IMID’s marketing and promotional contents through the IMID social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. She was an active participant in the IMID Beyond Borders Team and often initiated ideas and solutions that furthered the messaging of the IMID’s purpose and mission. Sata’s self-driven outreach efforts to her personal network helped to expand the IMID’s visibility among the Lao diasporas in parts of the U.S.

Personal Reflection: "Interning for the IMID has been one of the hallmarks of my college experience, conjoining my two loves for media production and museums. I have gained a deeper appreciation for my community and feel honored to have been a part of something that aims to celebrate it."

Olivia Wargo

Internship: Summer 2019
School: Boise State University (Boise, ID)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Global Studies
Graduation: December 2019

Olivia led the effort to fully design and launch both the IMID website ( and social media platforms (@idahomid). She specializes in social media marketing and museum outreach in which she manages the IMID social media. During her internship, she independently looked for innovative ways to promote the IMID through digital and photographic marketing. Her photography skills captured fun and colorful still images of a community excited about culture. Olivia helped to promote the IMID's first community outreach activity on-site at the 2019 World Refugee Day in downtown Boise. Born and raised in Idaho, Olivia is excited to be involved in developing the digital aspect of the IMID development and taking part in creating an international legacy for the state she has always called home.

Personal Reflection: "I am so excited to be a part of IMID and to share my passion and knowledge for global cultures with my local community. I am incredibly grateful and enthusiastic for the opportunity to partake in creating Idaho's international legacy!"

Clara Roth

Internship: Summer 2019
School: Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA)
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Art and Art History Studio Concentration and Environmental Science
Graduation: May 2021

Clara became involved in the IMID while working on its Academic & Research Team (ART) in the Cultural Mapping Initiative (CMI) called Arrivals: What Was Left Behind, What Lies Ahead. She worked as a student researcher alongside her photography Professor from Dickinson College, Andrew Bale. Clara focuses in photography and moving forward she is interested in using conservation photography to compliment a job in the environmental science field. While in Idaho Clara assisted with portraits and other photography, captured drone footage as the ART traveled through Idaho, and recorded interviews. After returning to Pennsylvania Clara’s internship shifted to focus on processing the film, editing images and developing the Arrivals website.

Personal Reflection: “While working with IMID I have been fortunate enough to meet people from all over the world and experience glimpses into their culture. It has been an honor to hear their stories and be able to help share them to a broader audience.”

Briana Henry

Internship: Summer 2019
School: University of Delaware (Newark, DE)
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Minor: Community Engagement 
Graduation: Spring 2021

Briana came into IMID as a member of its Academic & Research Team (ART) in the Cultural Mapping Initiative (CMI) called Arrivals: What Was Left Behind, What Lies Ahead. As a summer scholar from the University of Delaware, her internship brought her into Boise to support work for the IMID’s CMI. She specializes in photography and video, as well as community engagement. In the beginning stage of the CMI, Briana launched the social media platforms specific to the CMI and helped create the website for the Arrivals products. During her internship, she traveled throughout southern Idaho to support the interview and photography processes of refugees, immigrants, and indigenous peoples to gather content for the IMID’s book and exhibition projects. Briana is thankful to be part of the IMID’s journey to feature stories of the people in Idaho and be involved with the progression of the museum.

Personal Reflection: "Working with the IMID exposed me to many different people and cultures that I would have never thought I would meet. It has opened my eyes of the journeys people go through and how it makes them who they are today."

Ashley Bird

Internship: Spring 2019
School: Boise State University (Boise, ID)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, History
Minor: Refugee Studies
Graduation: Spring 2019

Ashley kicked off the IMID’s Internship Program as its first intern to help design the final products of the student-led IMID-specific projects - a collaboration between the Boise State Service-Learning program, IMID, and HIST310: Refugee Crisis in Historic Perspective (fall semester 2018 course). Her posters were featured in Feb. 2019 at both the Chinese New Year Festival at Northwest Nazarene University (Nampa, ID) and the IMID Stakeholder Kick-off Meeting at Boise State University. She took the spotlight in marketing and promoting the IMID at both events. Ashley was integral in the collaboration with additional Service-Learning students at Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University to help prepare the IMID’s summer intern for the IMID’s website and social media launch in summer 2019.

Personal Reflection: "Working with the IMID has given me the opportunity to develop a connection with my community as well as further deepen my appreciation and understanding of how diaspora has impacted and developed Idaho into the state it is today." 


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