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Our 4-day conference (Sept. 18 – Sept. 21) will be held in the beautiful cultural city of Galway on the western coast of Ireland at several venue sites to give participants an immersive experience of Irish culture, heritage, and community. Some of the venues include:


As our conference planning and logistics committees continue to carve out venues and activities, we will update the schedule with the details soon so that you may book your hotel / lodging accommodations.  


Preferred hotel | Our preferred lodging is the Connacht Hotel in Galway. We have made arrangements to negotiate room rates for a total of 60 rooms under the reservation code: 739211. Details below:

Arrival and departure dates: Monday - Saturday | 16 September - 21 September, 2024

Number of Nights: 5

Number of Adults: 1 per room

Rate and Rate Plan: €830.00 Bed & Breakfast per room

Please see instructions below for booking because the hotel booking software does not have a feature that can process the reservation code (for the block of rooms). You must either call the hotel or send an email. 

  • Phone option: Call +353 91 381200 or access hotel website for additional contact information.

    • Reference reservation code: 739211 | Climate on Culture Conference: September hotel booking

  • Email option: Email 

    • Email subject line: Climate on Culture Conference: September hotel booking

    • Reference reservation code in email body: 739211

    • Provide information: name, phone number, and country (for verification of country code for phone number)

    • A credit card is required for securing your reservation: Please provide your card information


Additional hotels | The following are additional hotel options you might consider based on your travel interests:

transportation_GT van.jpg


Please check out your preferred travel sites for getting to and from Galway, Ireland – city of where our Climate on Culture Conference will be held in. These might include the following:





Visa Requirements:

Please check with your country's embassy to verify if a visa is required and any other necessary traveling requirements. As we anticipate travelers from across various parts of the world participating in our global signature conference, it is recommended that you double check before purchasing your travel arrangements as well as checking in advance before your travels in case requirements change.


Important information – please READ:

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