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Tater Tot Champion
We’re back on schedule to offer cooking classes not only in Idaho — our beautiful home state known for its famous POTATOES, but expanding our Kitchen of Exotic Eats program in other locations to connect communities around the globe to cultures worldwide.

Join our #CulturalFoodMovement today as a Tater Tot Champion!
$325 raised!

Help champion our #CulturalFoodMovement to share cultures through the special power of foods to connect communities. Spread the word and join our diaspora and #CulturalF
oodMovement today as a “Tater Tot Champion” by donating only $10 to this nurturing cause.

Why the potato?

When it comes to potatoes, Idaho comes to mind! The state of Idaho in the Northwest region of the U.S.A. is known for its famous potatoes and is the top potato-producing state across the nation. Potatoes have played a huge role in shaping the world’s history and food culture since its first cultivation in South America. From its origin dietary role to a decorative garden plant to becoming a major food source globally, it remains a common dietary staple across many cultures today. In September 2022, our Founder and Executive — Dr. Palina Louangketh — participated in a live cooking demonstration at the Embassy of Slovakia in Washington, DC to cook none other than a potato dish. Slovakia meet Idaho! This common tuber (“potato”) between Slovakia and Idaho food cultures helped launched our upcoming signature global conference - Museums: The Future of Diaspora Engagement - this September 20-23, 2023 in beautiful Banská Bystrica, a town in Central Slovakia. 

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