Museums: The Future of Diaspora Engagement

SAVE-the-DATES: September 20 – September 23, 2023 

Location: Banská Bystrica | Slovakia

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  • Conference sessions. Museum of the Slovak National Uprising (Slovak: Múzeum Slovenského národného povstania)

  • Conference sessions. Matej Bel University (Slovak: Univerzita Mateja Bela)

  • Global Partnerships Dinner. [castle venue TBD]


Conference Aims:

The Idaho Museum of International Diaspora's global conference will:
1. Engage participants to learn how museums can play a critical role in shaping and showcasing the cultures of diasporas.
2. Learn from cross-sector leaders and practitioners: Invite dialogue about the newly created diasporas in the global context.
3. Discover how we are connected: Understand diaspora from different perspectives (sociological, psychological, political, intercultural, educational, etc.) taking into consideration the past–present–future of diasporas.
4. Explore opportunities and partnerships to impact positive changes.



1.Academic professionals (future teachers, future translators and interpreters)
2.Museum professionals, leaders across cultural and diaspora institutions
3.Government sector leaders
4.Organizations working with refugees and immigrants


Additional information and registration details forthcoming.

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Day 1 (Sept. 20): Grounding on the foundations of museums, cultural identity and diaspora.
Day 2 (Sept. 21): Experiential learning opportunity including: (1) guided cultural tour in various parts of Banská Bystrica, and (2) diaspora museum tour as an immersive learning experience.
Day 3 (Sept. 22): Engage participants in global skills training.
Day 4 (Sept. 23): Wrap-up by way of facilitating discussion with participants on the application of the skills and knowledge in their respective fields.



This global conference is organized by the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora's Global Leadership Council with partners from organizations across the globe. 

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