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The conference will be held in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia in three venues below with the main sessions and events held at the Congress Hotel Dixon:

Please familiarize yourself with their locations (using Google Maps or your preferred map search engine) associated to hotel options as you prepare your travels and bookings.

In addition to Congress Hotel Dixon, the following are additional hotel options within close distance to the other two main conference venues (SNP Museum and Matej Bel University) in the city center include: 

transportation_GT van.jpg


For air travelers flying into Vienna or Bratislava, the airports will either be Vienna International Airport in Vienna, Austria (airport code: VIE) or M. R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava, Slovakia (airport code: BTS). Most European-based travelers might be able to fly directly into Bratislava; however, those flying in from the U.S.A. or Canada will most likely fly into Vienna. 

Visa Requirements:

Please check with your country's embassy to verify if a visa is required and any other necessary traveling requirements. 


Important information – please READ:

  1. Ground transportation via ground vehicle from Vienna to Banská Bystrica is anticipated for approximately 3 hours of driving. Please check (i.e., via Google maps) distance and duration when planning.

  2. There is no direct ground transportation from Vienna to Banská Bystrica, so you will need to travel from Vienna to Bratislava where you will make your connection for ground transportation from Bratislava to Banská Bystrica.

  3. Our partners in Banská Bystrica recommend downloading the Bolt transportation app in advance and the prices are reasonable. Bolt is comparable to Uber / Lyft in the U.S. and various parts around the world and services many parts of Central Europe.

  4. Once your flight arrives, your ground transportation options include: Bus | Rental Car | Train


Click here to access our ground transportation guide, prepared by our partners at Univerzita Mateja Bela | Matej Bel University.

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