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What's Left Behind, What Lies Ahead

We invite you to LEARN about the human journey stories, DISCOVER your personal connections to history and cultures, and EXPLORE how to become an active part of the community and relevant topics.   


ARRIVALS: What's Left Behind, What Lies Ahead 

Access documentary


Idaho human journey stories [video]

Behind the scenes: The making of Arrivals [video]

In 2019, the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora’s (IMID) Academic and Research Team (ART) traveled 1,600 miles across Southern Idaho to interview and photograph refugees, immigrants, displaced Native Americans, and additional diasporas in the launch of a special project – Arrivals: What’s Left Behind, What Lies Ahead – to share their lived experience in diaspora context – survival, resilience, and renewal.


Global Voices of Diaspora is the IMID’s largest program capturing stories of diasporas – those who have been displaced from their origin homelands – in past, current, and future contexts. Within this overarching program, its signature initiative – the Cultural Mapping Initiative (CMI) – has two products, Arrivals: What’s Left Behind and Arrivals: What Lies Ahead. Our ART has traveled to Laos in March 2023 and Slovakia in May 2023 to expand the work of the CMI that will engage and connect people and communities through the cultural and lived experience narratives of diasporas locally, nationally, and globally.

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