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Sabaidee Boise
Wearing Culture

Tuesday, September 10, 2024 | 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Erma Hayman House
617 Ash Street | Boise, ID 83702

General Admission: $25

Registration required. 


An environment of belonging in a welcoming community is a desired place to live, work, and play. This state of warmth and comfort, and sense of safety among individuals and families across generations and cultures are referred to as “sabaidee” (suh-bye-dee) in the Lao (ສະບາຍດີ) language. Our founder and her family, who fled Laos and resettled in Boise back in 1981, experienced this warm and inviting embrace from the broader Boise community as they journeyed through life as new Americans – Idahoans. As Louangketh’s family shared their human journey story and Lao culture – a way of living and honoring their cultural traditions – with the surrounding community, community members (friends, neighbors, and co-workers) too shared their family and cultural traditions.

“Sabaidee Boise” portrays a community united by hearts to promote happiness and wellbeing for community members time after time. Sabaidee Boise, as a celebrational event to connect cultures in the community, will bring together community members across different cultures, subcommunities, and generations to experience the true broader Boise culture of connectedness and belonging through the event’s theme, Wearing Culture.


Sabaidee Boise: Wearing Culture provides a platform to celebrate ‘what we wear’* and its embodiment of our community’s history, cultures, and identity. This celebratory community event will provide a platform for cultural and community engagement to dismantle myths and stereotypes. It will bring the community together in a special way including foods, arts, and crafts to bridge understanding, open minds and connect hearts, understand why and how we are who we are, and remind folks that Boise is a special place of belonging and acceptance.

* heirloom / customary / cultural jewelry (e.g., “wedding” rings worn elsewhere while other cultures do not recognize it as a symbol of matrimony); headpieces – hats (cowboy/baseball cap), hijab, turban, yamaka, etc.; cultural scarves; traditional clothing, neckties, etc.)

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Join us!

Come celebrate cultures with us on Tuesday, September 10, 2024 at the Erma Hayman House (5:30pm - 8:00pm) in beautiful downtown Boise to #LearnDiscoverExplore more about Boise community's rich cultures and enjoy exotic eats from local cultural restaurants.


  • We are putting on a special entertainment program involving a unique twist to a fashion show of cultures well established in the Boise community and featuring cultures of today.

  • You will be well-nourished from a buffet display of good eats (our Kitchen of Exotic Eats Buffet) sourced by local cultural restaurants and caterers.

  • Lastly, you'll enjoy our storytelling portion of this cultural event filled with adventures, comedic angles, and how our community is connected to cultures from around the world here in Boise.  

Registration is required for general admission ($25 - single admission). Dinner is included. 

Sponsorship Package

Mail check to address below or pay online here (select "Sabaidee Boise...").

Idaho Museum of International Diaspora

Attn: Sabaidee Boise Event

P.O. Box 45234 | Boise, ID 83711

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