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Phillippines Refugee Camp 1980-1981_v3.jpg

Smithsonian Folklife Magazine | February. 6, 2023

Author: Jane Chu, Author and Artist

When Dr. Palina Louangketh decided to launch the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora in Boise, she, like any good entrepreneur, already envisioned how the nonprofit would serve the public.

Photo credit: Louangketh family 

Photo description: Phouthasinh Louangketh (mother) and her two children, Ammala ("Al") and Palina, in the Philippine Bataan Refugee Camp (1980-1981). 

USA Today | May 1, 2022

As Ukraine and Afghanistan continue to show us, people forced to flee their homes need to share their pasts with their new communities so they can share a future.

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