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A culinary adventure down memory lane at Amano Restaurante

Amano – “by hand” – is the distinct signature of Amano Restaurante’s Mexican cuisine in the heart of historic downtown Caldwell nestled in southwest Idaho. The restaurant’s unique character is in part influenced by its location inside a historic bank with vaults, wood beam ceiling, and more – including a secret room recently discovered. If you want to learn more, you have to experience it for yourself and head over for an impressive culinary adventure. During spring of 2020, our favorite Flavoristas – Idaho Museum of International Diaspora (IMID) founder and executive director, Palina Louangketh, and fellow food adventurer from Idaho Office for Refugee’s Refugee Speakers Bureau, Salome Mwangi – experienced first-hand the vision of owner and chef extraordinaire, Salvador (“Sal”) Alamilla as he gave them a private tour of the heart and spirit of Amano Restaurante.

Let’s talk about Sal’s approach to Mexican cuisine, amano. Born in Michoacan, Mexico, Sal’s Mexican heritage, and cultural traditions of preparing Mexican cuisine by hand makes the entire culinary experience at Amano Restaurante memorable as he and the hands of his skilled kitchen team prepare every delicious bite. From sweet to savory and dry to wet culinary experiences, many of the dishes and beverages are carefully crafted by hand.

Ingredients, such as heirloom corn “sourced from ancient grains in Mexico,” and culinary equipment were carefully selected and brought in from Mexico. As an Idahoan, Sal incorporates the local harvest of Idaho in delivering a special balance between traditions of Mexico and the heartbeats that make Idaho a special place.

Influenced by the flavors of Michoacan and Oaxacan style Mexican cuisine, the taste and smell of Mexico awaits you at Amano Restaurante.

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