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Flavors of El Salvador: The Pupusas Addiction

While exploring hidden gems of ethnic eateries in Canyon County – Idaho’s second most populous county nestled in the Southwest Idaho region, our two Flavoristas tempted their appetites with El Salvadoran cuisine at Pupusas A&J’s in Caldwell, Idaho in December to wrap up 2019. What exactly do El Salvadoran foods consist of? Cuisines of El Salvador were influenced by both its pre-Columbian heritage and the Spanish conquest. The country itself is the smallest in Central America and known as the land of volcanoes.

One of the country’s most iconic food is the pupusas, a thick tortilla likened to that of a flatbread but stuffed with undeniable delicious ingredients of meats, beans, cheese, and/or other mixtures of flavors. These pupusas are the classic street foods of El Salvador and their basic, but hearty flavors make this a popular food. The name “Pupusas” in the family-owned Pupusas A&J’s Restaurant is intentional because they specialize in making several varieties of pupusas that will make your taste buds ask for not just one, but multiple side orders to-go. Our Flavoristas met the owners and gave them a high-five seal of ‘good eats’ approval. Let us know what you think!

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