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Flavors of Ethiopia and Eritrea

Our Flavoristas ventured over to Kibrom’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine during their Flavors exotic tastes adventure where they met up with Kibrom – owner and chef extraordinaire – and savored away spiced meats and greens that were circularly decorated on top of injera – an Ethiopian spongy-like crepe with a smooth pancake texture that draws in both smell and taste likened to that of sourdough bread. Their culture conversation touched on self-identity among today’s youth and the unique challenges they face in the contexts of peer pressure and societal influences. This led to a shift in conversation surrounding the cultural differences not only between generations, but also among the same ethnic group when comparing values and norms of those living in the states and those in origin country. As vast regions of the world increasingly become accessible for adventurers seeking to experience how other parts of the world live, aspects of culture become commodities.

Meeting up with Kibrom during his routine rounding with the restaurant patrons was icing on the cake, or better described as a dollop of Ethiopian goodness on injera. What makes injera its wholesome goodness? Teff.

Teff is a “seed” or “grain” depending on whom you ask. Here, we’ll refer to teff as a grain since it can be used in similar ways as the grain family. Its mother country is Ethiopia and rooted back in ancient times. Teff’s high nutritional values make this grain a growing modern staple. One of the main producers of teff – The Teff Company – is actually here in Idaho. From Africa to Idaho, what other unique and unexpected surprises does Idaho hold?

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