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Flavors of the Middle East

Today marked the kick-off of Flavors, an initiative of the IMID’s Culinary Circle of Cultures program. Flavors invites a tasty way to talk about culture in culinary perspective. Come join this dynamic duo – Salome, from the Idaho Refugee Speakers Bureau and a former refugee from Kenya, and Palina, the founder and executive director of the IMID – in an open-ended conversation about foods and special ‘human journey’ topics as experienced in various cultures. Their culinary adventure started at The Goodness Land, an exquisite Middle Eastern restaurant, talking about the exotic flavors of the Middle East and later, the topic of parenting children of two cultures. Follow them as they experience good eats in the ethnic restaurants of the Treasure Valley. You can find them at their next culinary destination to Sofra Bosnian Grill on October 18th.

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