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Flavors of the Middle East – market, café and bakery all-in-one!

Our favorite Flavoristas ventured over to Food Land Market – Boise’s new Middle Eastern market, café and bakery located on the bench off of Orchard near Emerald – for their Flavors outing. They were greeted with bright smiles and welcoming gestures, both from the store management team and customers. Making their way towards the eatery in the back of the market, our Flavoristas’ appetites were tempted by the aroma of homemade flat breads. No Mediterranean meal is truly complete without this traditional bread. More please!

The market’s Iraqi sweets were plentiful and strategically displayed through the glass display food cabinet to induce your salivation production – a sweet tooth’s dream! Be sure to pair your sweet delights with Turkish style coffee at the café inside the market.

For the complete experience, our Flavoristas toured the market section where isles were packed with a full variety of groceries and other goods – both Middle Eastern and other origins. They discovered a hidden gem in the refrigeration isle – a jar of English clotted cream. Yes, “clotted” – as in the coagulation of cream. Additional synonyms include congeal, curdle, thicken, harden, etc. As a matter of fact, the only ingredient listed on the label is pasteurized clotted cream. Yummy, right? You’ll have to discover the truth on your own and let us know!

Stay tuned for their upcoming Flavors culinary adventure to Kuna, Idaho.

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